introducing the artist alliance

The Artist Alliance is a collaboration between M Street Entertainment Group and groundbreaking artists in the community. The Artist Alliance provides a platform for these artists and adds additional creative elements that align with M Street's concepts, events, and brand ethos. M Street will highlight these talented artists in various ways across concepts, heightening the guest experience, piquing curiosity and showcasing their unique talents. The partnership with Artist Alliance is an ongoing relationship that embodies M Street's commitment to the future of Nashville as a premier destination for the arts.


Visual Artist   Brandon Donahue

Visual Artist Brandon Donahue

The inspiration for my Color Studies paintings are about my investigation of color and texture and the circumstances that both endure throughout my painting process. Whether geometric or organic, I implement techniques that help push and pull colors.
— Brandon Donahue
Brandon Donahue   Artwork

Brandon Donahue Artwork

Brian Wooden   Artwork

Brian Wooden Artwork

Inspiration comes from a combination of wanting to say something, and wanting to show something visually. Combining beauty and concept is important to me.
— Brian Wooden
Visual Artist   Brian Wooden

Visual Artist Brian Wooden

Michael Sati   Photography

Michael Sati Photography

Elegance is the only beauty that doesn’t fade
— Michael Sati
Nathan Brown   Artwork

Nathan Brown Artwork

I am inspired by the shapes and color gradients in nature. What fuels my art are the grids, cracks, lines and architecture in the city.
— Nathan Brown
Graffiti Artist / Muralist   Nathan Brown

Graffiti Artist / Muralist Nathan Brown

Fashion Designer     Denise Roxenstone

Fashion Designer Denise Roxenstone

What inspires me is everything about the music world. Sometimes even just random things all around me can inspire an idea. Its never anything specific but always random.
— Denise Roxenstone

Derrick Castle   Artwork

Derrick Castle Artwork

I seek inspiration from classic Americana. When I need to recharge, I walk through antique malls searching for hidden gems that time has forgotten.
— Derrick Castle
Designer / Illustrator   Derrick Castle

Designer / Illustrator Derrick Castle

Photographer / Videographer   Michael Sati

Photographer / Videographer Michael Sati

Patrick Hayes   1767 Designs Artwork

Patrick Hayes 1767 Designs Artwork

Lately we’ve really been drawing inspiration from our travels and the different architecture from city to city. In the past we have had a huge influence from both Southwestern and Art Deco movements.
— Patrick Hayes | 1767 Designs
Woodworker   Patrick Hayes

Woodworker Patrick Hayes

Igor Acord Artwork

Igor Acord Artwork

My passion is that of a traditional sign painter. When the “sign man” had soul. Between the happiness in my customers’ faces and the fact that I’m a part of keeping this art alive ... It’s a good life.
— Igor Acord
Pinstriper / Sign Painter   Igor Acord

Pinstriper / Sign Painter Igor Acord

Chris Zidek   Artwork

Chris Zidek Artwork

I can really zone out on my personal work and kind of slip away into the world of my subjects I paint. I like going deep into human antiquity.
— Chris Zidek
Visual Artist / Creative Director   Chris Zidek

Visual Artist / Creative Director Chris Zidek