Halloween 2016: "Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here"

Entering “limbo,” we are suddenly overcome by a sea of red hues. Quickly passing by signs of our sins - lust, gluttony, avarice, wrath - we are greeted by a seductive woman in red, beckoning us to join the dance with the devil.

A multi-colored dance floor filled with fellow souls catches our attention while images of flames strewn across the walls dance in the reflection of our eyes. The music thumps throughout our body, taking the place of our heartbeat, our humanity. We lock eyes with an angel of darkness, luring us toward the stage.

A troupe of scantily-clad Burlesque dancers perform a sultry piece to a slow version of Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” Their presence in front of the delivish mural painted by Brian Wooden drags us deeper into our enchanted trance.

 A round of Espolon tequila shots gets the night going; for the moment, it quenches our insatiable thirst. Chasing our tequila with the familiar flavors of cinnamon and orange added just enough spice that left our taste buds wanting more.

DJ AyDamn plays a thumping mix that gets our blood flowing. We feel the Espolon tequila trickle through our body, almost luring us onto the dance floor. Jumping to the beat of the music, aerialists dangling from hula hoops and ropes flip around above us. Who knew Hell would be so fun?

The Rosewall enchants us with its seductive music as we continue to move on the dance floor. The light shows coming from the DJ stage bring us deeper into a trance. We find ourselves hypnotized by the red tinge of the room as bodies sway to the motion of the beats.

As the night comes to a close, we exit the red abyss and breathe in some of the cool, October air. Our bodies still tingle as the music plays on inside. We look back and smile at our night in Inferno.