What's in Your Cup? A Nashville Drink for Every Day of the Week

Whether we’re waking up in the morning in need of some serious caffeine or getting ready for a night out, we’re always looking for the next best drink to refuel our bodies. From warm to cold, sweet to savory, here’s a guide to Nashville’s best drinks for each day of the week.



Sunday: It’s Sunday morning and we’re in need of some serious brunch time. We head over to Saint Añejo. While we're deciding what brunch food to order, we opt for a cactus juice. As we take the first sip of our cactus juice, the sweet and earthy flavors rejuvenate us. We feel fresh and full of life. Before we know it, the glass is empty!

Source:  Nearly Native  Instagram

Source: Nearly Native Instagram

Monday: After an eventful weekend, it's no surprise that we have a case of the Monday blues. The best way to spice up our Mondays is with Virago's Wasabi Martini. Did we mention that Monday is Maki Sake Monday? That means we can get two Wasabi Martinis for the price of one. Double the excitement!

Source:  Costa Cucina

Source: Costa Cucina

Tuesday: It's still the beginning of the week, and we're in need of some caffeine to get a jump start on our day. Our favorite coffee fix is Frothy Monkey's vanilla latte. The latte gives us the buzz we need to get our work done, and not to mention it is seriously delicious! Frothy Monkey offers seasonal latte flavors, so we always like to mix it up once in a while.

Source:  Frothy Monkey  website

Source: Frothy Monkey website

Wednesday: On hump day we like to visit High Garden Tea for some peaceful reflection. With an apothecary-like vibe, earthy decor, and no wifi, we feel completely relaxed as we sip on our hot tea. Our favorite teas are Immortal Monk or whichever iced tea they are brewing when it is warm outside. All day Wednesday High Garden features "Local Love Wednesdays" with special deals for both cups and pots of tea.

Source:  High Garden Tea  website

Source: High Garden Tea website

Thursday: Raise your glasses to the best new place to celebrate Thirsty Thursday! Tavern's 2-for-1 night will now take place each Thursday starting March 31st. Our favorite 2-for-1 libation is the 1920. The mix of grapefruit, ginger, and basil is undeniably refreshing.



Friday: The best way to celebrate our favorite day of the week is with Moto's wide selection of wine. One of the hidden gems at Moto is their quartino special every night from 5-6:30 PM. For the price of one glass, Moto offers a quartino pour, which is almost a glass and a half. We love the Casteggio Pinot Noir. A delicate mix of red berry aromatics with a light bodied texture, this Pinot melts softly with each sip we take. After a few glasses of wine at Moto's bar, it's hard not to order one of their pizzas, prepared and baked right there at the bar!

Come for a drink, stay for a pizza!

Come for a drink, stay for a pizza!

Saturday: With warm Nashville days starting to make an appearance, our Saturday agenda will surely involve day drinking in the beautiful Spring weather. One of our definite musts for bar-hopping around Nashville is Burger Republic, located in The Gulch. Their spiked milkshakes are sinfully delicious. Try their Evil S'mores Spiked Milkshake with marshmallow vodka. 

Now, who's ready to put our week of drinks to the test?!