Hello Sunshine: A Guide to Nashville's Top Outdoor Activities

Take out your sunglasses and shorts out because it’s finally spring time in Nashville! From enjoying Mother Nature's beautiful scenery to enjoying a drink on Nashville’s best rooftops, we’re here to give you the top five outdoor activities for the season.

The sun is finally shining on the block!

The sun is finally shining on the block!


1. Virago’s Rooftop Patio: We’ve been waiting for it all season, and it’s almost here! Virago’s rooftop easily has the best view of the nighttime Nashville skyline. Enjoy a cocktail and a sushi roll while gazing at the bright lights of our hometown. Insider tip: Virago offers half-off sushi rolls and 2-for-1 cocktails on Mondays for Maki Saki Monday.

The spectacular view from Virago's rooftop

The spectacular view from Virago's rooftop

2. Nashville Zoo: The zoo offers countless interactive experiences that turn an ordinary Saturday or Sunday into a safari adventure. From petting kangaroos to brushing goats, the Nashville Zoo surely knows how to awaken our child-like excitement. Add some alcohol into the mix during their Brew at The Zoo event on June 3, featuring 100 craft beers.   

Source:  Nashville Zoo

3. Pontooning on Percy Priest Lake: According to Little Big Town, pontooning is a “party in slow motion...in the open.” The perfect recipe for an ideal day on the pontoon involves music, cold drinks, and some friends. While the pontoon floats on the pristine Percy Priest Lake, we enjoy sunbathing on the top level of the pontoon, dancing to some music, or jumping off the cliffs on the shoreline.

Source:  TripAdvisor

Source: TripAdvisor


4. Pharmacy Burger Beer Garden: Fresh open air, cascading lights, a milkshake, and a juicy burger is all we need for a relaxing Nashville night. Pharmacy’s outdoor beer garden embodies a quintessential Nashville experience with its lush greenery and friendly chatter.

Source:  Pharmacy Burger

5. Patio at Acme: With three floors of entertainment, Acme is the hot spot on Broadway that we never miss. Once we get in, we head straight for the roof to claim a table. Relax on the patio while taking in the Nashville sun rays. With view of Broadway on our left and a view of the Cumberland River on our right, the Acme roof rivals as our favorite daytime drinking spot.

Source:  Nashville Guru

From drinking on rooftops to petting animals, there will surely be no dull moments this spring in Nashville. Gather some friends and plan the next outdoor adventure!