A New Spin on Nashville Brunch

When we think of the weekend, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is, “where will we have brunch?” There is no doubt that we are always craving waffles, pancakes, or eggs for brunch, but we are on a constant search for the next best brunch. This Saturday only, Virago will be hosting brunch on their highly celebrated rooftop patio, and we guarantee it will be nothing like you have experienced before.

Virago’s brunch will feature a special menu crafted by none other than Executive Chef Andrew Whitney. As a culinary artist, Chef Andrew used his creativity to design a next level brunch experience. We stopped by Virago’s kitchen to interview the mastermind behind this much-anticipated brunch event.

Chef Andrew Whitney

Chef Andrew Whitney

What can we expect from Virago brunch?

Chef: We’re not doing traditional brunch food for Virago brunch. We’re definitely going to focus on an everyday Japanese breakfast with a unique Southern twist.

 Where did the idea of Virago brunch come from?

Chef: A few of us were thinking of ways to excite the crowd and come up with something unique. We want to showcase a different side of Virago and brunch in Nashville.

 What type of brunch is this going to be?

Chef: This will definitely be a different style of dining. We’re going to have elevated service and elevated food on arguably the best patio in Nashville. Virago’s brunch will have the dining standards that we are known for.

What types of interesting ingredients are you using?

Chef: We will be serving our house-cured pork belly in lieu of bacon. We’re also doing a sweet breakfast cereal sushi roll. The wasabi pea granola will feature traditional ingredients like honey and nuts but with a wasabi pea kick.

The Berries and Tofu dish with wasabi peas.

The Berries and Tofu dish with wasabi peas.

What is your favorite dish being offered?

Chef: Hmmm…that’s a tough one. Either the Pork Belly Corndogs or the Bacon and Egg Mazemen. The Mazemen is like a ramen noodle dish with pickled eggs, tomato, and arugula.

The Bacon and Egg Mazemen.

The Bacon and Egg Mazemen.

What drink and food pairings would you suggest?

Chef: One of the drinks we will be offering is a red grapefruit mimosa. The mimosa would pair really nicely with our Bacon and Egg Handroll.

The Bacon and Egg Handroll.

The Bacon and Egg Handroll.

Where did your inspiration come from for these creative dishes?

Chef: I have just been playing around in the kitchen. My inspiration for the sweet breakfast cereal roll came from things I craved when I was younger. I wanted to somehow incorporate those tastes into an innovative high-end setting.

Chef Andrew will incorporate Fruity Pebbles into a sweet sushi roll.  Picture:  Chowhound

Chef Andrew will incorporate Fruity Pebbles into a sweet sushi roll.

Picture: Chowhound

Get a taste for yourself this Saturday at Virago's exclusive brunch on the patio. Reservations are required, so call (615) 254-1902 to book your spot before it fills up!