Down the Rabbit Hole We Go...

"Look after the senses and the sounds will look after themselves." - Lewis Carroll

We became entangled in a mystical trance as we walked through the doors of Citizen. Melting clocks adorning the front walkway perfectly symbolized our perception of time melting away as we ventured further into the underground world of psychedelic sophistication. Larger-than-life playing cards and red roses dangled from the sky, welcoming us into the party.

We found ourselves drawn to the bar where a sea of glowing teacups were floating. Bottles that said “drink me” pulled us in closer. Dressed in black, the bartenders appeared as shadows working in the moonlight. One asked if we would like an absinthe shot, and without hesitation we nodded, retrieving a token and directions toward the emerald green glow of the specialty absinthe bar.

Finding our way to the source of the glow, a woman with golden hair smiled as we handed her the tokens. She mixed up an absinthe concoction in a beautiful crystal jar and poured two small flutes. As we imbibed the absinthe shot, we became mesmerized by the vines of flashing blue lights descending from the ceiling. The music caught our attention, and we made our way to the dance floor.

DJ KDSML’s mix vibrated through our bodies as we danced next to oversized red roses. Dancers dressed as Alice and the Mad Hatter surrounded the dance floor, elevating the mood.

We tucked away into a dark, intimate booth lit up with glowing red roses. As we viewed the party in front of us, we could not help but smile and fall deeper into a wonder-like daze.

As the night evolved, the line between reality and the world we had stumbled upon faded. Familiar smiles of close friends danced in and out of focus as the beats carried on into the night. Passing the sea of floating teacups and the wall of clocks, we said farewell to Alice and emerged from the rabbit hole into the night. A swift gust of humid summer air filled our lungs as if to awaken us from a dream. Groups of party-goers mingled under the glow of the streetlights waiting for their rides, each telling a similar tale of their entrancing experience.