People of M Street: Sam Miller

Introducing Sam Miller, bartender extraordinaire. You can find him reading the next best book about bartending or crafting his latest personalized cocktail behind the bar at Moto. We sat down with him to see what gets his creative juices flowing.

Where are you from?

I have been in Nashville since I was 7.

How long have you worked at Moto?

I will be coming up on two years.

What made you choose Moto?

I had been working in the industry for about 7 years and I always heard great things about M Street. I was really attracted to Moto and started off as a Server Assistant here. 

How did you move into bartending?

Bartenders always seemed to be the most knowledgeable people that work in a restaurant besides chefs and other kitchen team members. I was eager to learn more and more when I first started at Moto. I love bartending because you are right in front of the guest the whole time. It is almost like you are on stage. It is really fun.

What is your favorite drink?

It depends on where I go, but anything from an Old Fashioned to a Manhattan or a Peated Scotch Neat.

Do you have a favorite Moto drink?

One of them is the Question of Etiquette. It is on our new cocktail menu and I actually came up with it. Made with gin, it is floral and aromatic. There is no citrus, so it is stirred, not shaken. My other favorite is the Garden Grandeur. It is a intricate, botanical-flavored cocktail.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to hang out, watch different shows. Sometimes I read up on bartending. There are several cocktail books I really like at my house.

What inspires you behind the bar?

Basically there are two different ways you can make a drink. The first way can be achieved by taking the recipe of another drink and switching out the main spirit with another spirit.

The second way is really fun. If you learn all the ratios of sweetness, acidity, and alcohol, you can create your own cocktails. Sometimes it is a hit or miss, but it is really cool when you try something new for someone and they like it. Usually when people do not know what they want, I will ask what they like and make something up for them.

Who inspires you?

The people behind the bar and the people I work with. There have been so many people I have looked up to throughout my 7 years in the restaurant industry.

What do you enjoy most about Moto?

I love how versatile it is. You can celebrate here and enjoy a Kayne Prime steak with top notch wine or you can sit at the pizza bar and sip on a craft cocktail.

What is your favorite part about M Street?

The culture. We are a big, huge family.

Sam's creativity inspires not only those he works with but those who visit him at Moto. His passion for bartending is what makes an experience with him like no other.