Simply Smitten

With tastebuds tingling from dulce macaroons and eyes twinkling from Kendra Scott’s bright gemstones, M Street’s Saturday night pop-up event, Smitten, left us on a sugar high to last through Valentine’s Day.

Throughout the night, guests on the block were given yellow Kendra Scott boxes at random, which served as admission into Smitten. Tucked away in M Street’s private club, Citizen, guests were greeted by larger-than-life roses and signature sangria.


The room glowed with a sophisticated hue of purple as lounge beats filled the room. The bar bustled with partygoers, and the bartenders' cocktail shakers danced to the rhythm of the music.

There was something to ignite the senses at every turn. A rainbow of macarons, cupcakes, cookies, and fruit tarts crafted by Kayne Prime’s Pastry Chef Nasera adorned the walkway to the dance floor.

In the distance, Kendra Scott’s rainbow of gemstones served as a hot spot for the night. Guests customized their own piece of jewelry while getting an inside peek inside the latest jewelry trends.

The dark, sensual atmosphere of Smitten set the stage for a perfect Valentine’s Day weekend. Guests said their goodbyes and walked out into the city lights on M Street, leaving a little sweeter and sparklier that when the night began.