People of M Street: Kerri Rose


Meet Kerri Rose, our newest General Manager and face behind Whiskey Kitchen.

Since the young age of 13, Kerri has been drawn to the spirit and teamwork found in the restaurant scene. Her passion for the guest experience is evident, and since joining the M Street family in July, she has continually yearned to make her Whiskey Kitchen team the best they can possibly be. We are beyond excited to welcome her to M Street and to introduce her to the Nashville community.

Where are you from?

Long Island, New York.

When did you start working in the restaurant industry?

When I was 13 years old, I started my first job working at a pizza counter in New York. I would just sit back and watch the bustle of the restaurant—I loved it. From the chefs making pizza to the owner of the restaurant interacting with guests, I was in my element. I continued to work in the restaurant scene through high school, helping to open up a new Chili's in my town.

What were your next steps after high school?

I enrolled at the University of Delaware with a major in Math Education. Soon after, I realized that Math Ed. wasn't for me. I took an Intro to Hospitality course to fill some credits, and all of a sudden, I felt like I was surrounded by the kind of people that I loved—similar to the way I felt working in restaurants back at home. I changed my major to Hotel Restuarant Institutional Management. There was a group of about 20 other students with the same major, and we formed this incredible bond. Once I transitioned to that major, it all snowballed from there.


Where did you find yourself after graduating from college?

After graduating I looked into all avenues of hospitality—spas, catering groups, etc. I would always find myself coming back to the opportunities in the restaurant industry—you just don't get that family feel with other industries. I moved to New York to work for a restaurant group that I subsequently stayed with for 10 years. Within the first 2 years of working with them, I became the youngest General Manager at their flagship concept. It reminds me a lot of Whiskey Kitchen but without the whiskey focus—a lot of character, history, and a hangout hot-spot for the locals.

What brought you to Nashville?


I had been coming to Nashville as a tourist for the past 5 years and loved it. It was one of those places where every time I would leave I couldn't wait to book my next trip—I just couldn't get enough of it.

I wanted to see what else was out there besides New York. I wanted to meet different types of people and have new experiences. Boston was an option, but it was too similar to New York for me. Nashville was the perfect place that I could envision myself living.

How did you find M Street?

Before moving to Nashville, I sent my resume out to a bunch of contacts I had, and one person recommended M Street. That night, I went on M Street's social media page and I couldn't stop—I think I had already scrolled back 2 years! I was sending pictures to my friends and telling them how it seemed like such a great fit for me. I applied, got a call, came in for an interview, and received an offer. It was a surreal experience, but it just feels so right.


What is your favorite thing about M Street so far?

Definitely how welcoming everyone has been to me and how truly genuine and helpful they are. Each person from M Street I meet wants to see me succeed even though they don't know me yet—it shows just how much of a community there really is here. From asking me out for drinks to giving me suggestions on where to get my nails done, M Street gave me that instant network of friends and family.

My first 3 weeks of training were spent in Whiskey's back of house kitchen. It was such an amazing experience because I was totally out of my element, but now when I walk into the kitchen, there is no divide between the front of house and the back of house because we are friends and care about each other.


What is your favorite Whiskey Kitchen menu item?

The spinach dip with shrimp and bacon is out of control. I had that during my first week and fell in love.


What is your go-to Whiskey Kitchen drink?

Nick (the previous Whiskey Kitchen GM who has since been promoted to Associate Director of Operations) has been walking me through all of our drinks. It is so hard to pick a favorite—I would say in terms of Whiskey I love High West Yippee Ki-Yay and W.L. Weller. For cocktails, I love our Sazerac. Our signature drink, 'With Regards to Diane' is amazing.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to cook and entertain my friends. Being Italian, I make homemade sauce all the time— I personally think it makes your whole house smell amazing, even better than a candle.

I also love going to concerts. I'm a huge country fan, especially Miranda Lambert—she was the one who got me into country music. I also love Classic Rock—I'm a little bit of a hippie at heart.

What's a fun fact about you that people don't know?


Probably that I've been to 46 of the 50 states. I grew up camping with my family. We spent 2 summers on the road, getting off the grid and spending true quality time.

Who inspires you?

I really look up to females who have created empires and juggle so many different work/life aspects—women who feel like they don't have a glass ceiling. You look at Miranda Lambert, for example, she has a music career, a charity, and a clothing line; at the same time she is a great person and people want to be around her.

What are you looking forward to during your journey with M Street?

I am excited to learn the ins and outs of each concept and to really get to know all of the leaders. It is so cool being immersed in a company where our 6 restaurants are incredibly unique because there is so much to learn. Being the new girl on the block, I feel like a student again and can't wait to be challenged.

Whiskey Kitchen Sign.jpg

Welcome to the family, Kerri. You have already proven what it truly means to be a member of the M Street team and we cannot wait to watch you grow with us.


People of M Street: Chef Luke Senderling

After falling in love with cooking at the age of 17, Luke fully immersed himself into his passion—eventually finding his way to the M Street team. As a veteran of Virago, Kayne Prime, and Moto’s kitchens, Chef Luke has played an integral role in the formation of the M Street community as we know it today.

We sat down with him to discuss his newest adventure, conducting Whiskey Kitchen’s Back of House as Chef de Cuisine. Inspired by exotic cuisines and palatable flavors, Chef Luke is ready to bring Whiskey Kitchen to the next level—all with his original 'Luke style'.

Introducing the fearless leader of Whiskey Kitchen’s culinary team, Chef Luke Senderling:


Where are you from?

The east side of Dallas, Texas

What was your first taste of the culinary world?

When I was 17, by brother's friend offered me a position working for a new restaurant that a local group was opening in Aspen. I decided to relocate to Colorado for the opportunity. The restaurant was an international street food inspired concept, with street food offerings from around the world— tacos, tortas, Chicago dogs, etc. There were no boundaries in the styles of cuisine I could cook, so I had a lot of fun.


How did you find your way to Nashville? 

Because the street food concept I was working at was located at the bottom of a snow mass in Aspen, it was very seasonal. During the off-season summers, I helped open up a nearby fine dining steakhouse called N9NE. During my 3 years at the steakhouse, I worked closely with Chef Chris Conlon and Chef Robbie Wilson.

Chef Robbie moved to Nashville to take the position of Culinary Director of M Street and was in the midst of opening Kayne Prime. He called me to ask if I would help him with the opening of Kayne. I was young with no commitments and decided 'why not?', so I moved to Nashville and joined M Street.


What was the first position you held at M Street?

When I arrived, Kayne Prime was still in its construction phase, so I started in Virago's kitchen for a few months. When Kayne was ready for opening, some of my fellow Aspen coworkers arrived, and we all joined Kayne's kitchen team. I absolutely loved my time at Kayne—being in the kitchen and in the midst of the debut of a new restaurant gave me such an exciting adrenaline rush that I don't get anywhere else.

Chef Luke (right) with Virago's current Executive Chef, Andrew Whitney (left)

Chef Luke (right) with Virago's current Executive Chef, Andrew Whitney (left)

What was your next culinary move?

I re-joined Virago's kitchen team and supported them for 3 years. I then took a hiatus to move to Santa Barbara, California and help my culinary mentor from Colorado (and Nashville), Robbie open his new restaurant. After about 10 months, I came back to M Street to help with the opening of their newest concept, Moto.


Tell us about your time at Moto.

I originally started as a Line Cook and was promoted to Sous Chef soon after. The style of cuisine at Moto was new and fun for me— it was the first time I had worked with Italian cuisine. I loved the family aspect of the food and how it brings everyone to the table. There's really a sense of love associated with Moto's cuisine. After growing and learning in the kitchen, I was promoted to Chef de Cuisine, where I led the Moto kitchen. 


How did you transition from Moto to Whiskey Kitchen?

I remained at Moto to support Chef Brandon as he transitioned into his new role as Executive Chef until Chef Bob (M Street's Director of Culinary Operations) offered me the position of leading Whiskey Kitchen's culinary team. Chef Bob and I had been discussing a game plan for me and how I could do more for M StreetChef de Cuisine of Whiskey Kitchen seemed like the perfect next step for me.


What are you most excited for as the new Whiskey Kitchen Chef de Cuisine?

There is a culture that exists in fine dining concepts that I am excited to bring to our casual concepts. I look forward to breaking down the wall between the two types of concepts and bridging the way for our chefs to create a bigger and better version of the M Street community that we already have. From sharing new techniques to trying cool ingredients, I really hope to develop a strong relationship between the culinary teams at our 6 concepts.


What is your favorite item on the Whiskey Kitchen menu?

I have always been partial to our hamburgers, and the Pulled Pork Sandwich is my go-to.

I'm really excited to play around with ingredients and dishes that are more approachable on the Whiskey menu. I can't wait to add my own spin to the classics.


What is your favorite thing to cook?

Cooking scallops is really fun. I also love the technique of braising and layering flavors.


What is your favorite memory at M Street?

I received my first embroidered chef coat when I worked at Virago. It still hangs in my closet today because it is very sentimental— I don't think I will ever be able to part ways with it. The coolest part about it is that instead of my name, it says 'Young', because the team used to call me 'YoungBlood' for being the youngest chef at M Street.


Who is your culinary role model?

There area ton of celebrity chefs, but one of them wrote a book that has inspired me throughout my entire culinary careerAnthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential. It has kept me inspired, focused, and given me purpose in the kitchen. Each time I read it, I take something new from it.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I love spending time with my 5 year old son Phoenix and my fiancee Ansley (who I met at Moto).

What is a fun fact about you?

My tattoo sleeve is covered with food-inspired scenes. From the pin-up girl enjoying a hotdog at a picnic to the salmon and tuna nigiri, I wanted to get artwork that bound me to the kitchen. I decided to get the tuna tattoo after I broke down my first 120 pound blue fin tuna at Virago. That experience solidified that cooking was what I wanted to do— I get such a rush and excitement being in the kitchen.


As an original pioneer of the true M Street spirit, Luke has become an undeniably integral part of the M Street family. His love of cooking is the epitome of passion, and his hunger to learn and push boundaries is never-ending. It has been truly inspiring to watch Luke grow throughout his years at M Street, and we cannot wait for him to share his talent with the Nashville community during his new journey at Whiskey Kitchen.

Director of Culinary Operations, Chef Bob (left), Executive Chef of Virago, Andrew (middle), and Chef Luke (right)

Director of Culinary Operations, Chef Bob (left), Executive Chef of Virago, Andrew (middle), and Chef Luke (right)

Soaking Up the Sun

Goodbye, July and hello, August. As we enter the final month of summer, we can't help but reminisce on the great times and good vibes we've had this season on M Street. Every summer has its story, and here's ours:


The icy-fresh Ginger-Ale is the perfect end to a day of chasing the sun. Crafted with Lunazul Tequila, Domaine de Canton, Pineapple, and The Rose Ale.


Cheers to the late summer nights with new friends, old friends, and the wild adventures in between.

Summer on M Street

We're feeling major summer vibes on the block. From fresh craft cocktails, to Virago's al-fresco rooftop, to Moto's lush, seductive Ivy Room. it's summertime at M Street, and the living's easy.

Here's a quick peek inside what we've been up to this season:




Meet M Street Entertainment Group

Behind our six signature restaurants stand 500 individuals. These individuals are leaders, performers, inventors, and creators. With varying backgrounds and similar shared values, they join together to create the M Street Family.

This past March, we were honored with the "Best in Business" Award given by the Nashville Business Journal. News of the award met with an air of excitement quickly spread throughout M Street. In continued celebration and gratitude, we felt it only fitting to give our friends and valued followers an inside peek into what it's like to be part of the M Street family.

SOPHIE STEVENS: Whiskey Kitchen Manager

Sophie (right) with fellow Manager, Shawn (left)

Sophie (right) with fellow Manager, Shawn (left)

"I love working at M Street because M Street is my family. From people just down the road to people from across the world - we all ended up under the same roof with the same level of passion, same focus and same end goal. We may have never been friends, gotten along or even shared the same interest, but on this one common ground we have built our community and created a family with such a tight bond. Everyone cares for everyone as if they were their sister or brother. From bad break ups or medical emergencies to lending out your game of scrabble or favorite recipe - we all come together and collectively contribute to the melting pot of weirdos that make up Whiskey Kitchen and M Street. Some of the hardest shifts I've ever worked were still full of laughter and smiles because of who we are and the mindset we have." 



Charlie, of Italian heritage, prepping for the night ahead

Charlie, of Italian heritage, prepping for the night ahead

"I've worked at the best Italian restaurants and the worst Italian restaurants. Only Moto lets me cook using the style my grandmother used when she would make us homemade Italian. It's as close to home as it gets."


LINDIE PORTER: Saint Añejo Mixologist

Lindie launched M Street's first ever Creative Leadership Committee

Lindie launched M Street's first ever Creative Leadership Committee

"I love that we provide opportunities for personal and professional growth through our Creative Leadership Committee classrooms and workshops, as well as having such an awesome reputation for consistently great hospitality. Our standards are high and our people are awesome. We feel recognized for our hard work and as far as opportunity goes, the sky is the limit. One other thing that sets us apart is our marketing strategies. We don't use radio, newspapers, or billboards to show what we have to offer. We rely on word of mouth, social media following, awards and publications."


ROBERT GRACEM Street's Director of Culinary Operations

Robert Grace continues to serve as the Executive Chef of Kayne Prime alongside Chef de Cuisine Steven Chandler

Robert Grace continues to serve as the Executive Chef of Kayne Prime alongside Chef de Cuisine Steven Chandler

"We never settle, we never give up, and we always strive to be better. We aren't competing with everyone else in the city, we are competing with ourselves and we are fierce rivals."

MADELINE WILLIAMS: Tavern General Manager

Madeline just celebrated her 6 year anniversary with M Street

Madeline just celebrated her 6 year anniversary with M Street

"A lot of service industries only care about the bottom line.  We care about the people that work here and the guests.  We have an understating that if we take care of the the staff and the guests, we will achieve the ultimate success – return business and dedicated loyal employees."


MICHAEL SATI: Virago Mixologist +  M Street Videographer/Photographer

Michael is a member of our M Street Artist Alliance with numerous features in our Marketing activations 

Michael is a member of our M Street Artist Alliance with numerous features in our Marketing activations 

"M Street continually pushes me to express myself and explore my creative potential whether it is behind the bar or clicking the camera lens."

Thank you to our M Street team members for creating and fostering such a wonderful, supportive family. Visit HERE to read our full Best in Business article.

People of M Street: Nasera Munshi

Meet Kayne Prime's Pastry Chef, Nasera Munshi. Born in India, Nasera's culinary journey has been a serendipitous and colorful story of passion. Her creativity in the kitchen has paved the way for an award-winning career. Spearheading Kayne's pastry program, Nasera has brought our desserts to the next level, leaving our guests a little sweeter than when they first arrived.


Where are you from? 

I am from midwest India.

How did you find your passion in the kitchen?

Growing up, I thought that I wanted to be a Dentist because my dad was a Dental Technician. I even majored in Biology to prepare for dental school. It is really ironic now because I am on the other side making sweets!

I have always enjoyed cooking as a hobby, and it eventually became very therapeutic for me. Someone put the culinary school "bug" in my ear and suggested I make a career out of cooking. I started researching more about it, but my family initially said no. I ended up dropping the cooking school thing.

When my family moved to California, I continued to cook for fun. My dad saw my passion and finally agreed to let me go to culinary school at Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, California.

Pastry Chef Nasera's cookie plate

Pastry Chef Nasera's cookie plate

How did you decide you wanted to be a Pastry Chef?

I wasn’t initially interested in pastries because I enjoyed more of the savory side to cooking. When I went to culinary school I chose to study the program that covered both pastry and cooking.

When I was looking for my first job after completing culinary school, I heard about a Pastry Chef opening at Chef Thomas Keller's Beverly Hills Bouchon restaurant. I decided to apply just to get my foot in the door and figured I could transfer after a while. It just so happened that I ended up falling in love with pastry. Over the course of several years, I had the honor of working as a Pastry Chef with Charlie Palmer along with other amazing chefs in California. In 2014, I was awarded the Top Pastry Chef in Orange County.

Seasonal Banana Dessert

Seasonal Banana Dessert

How did you find your way to Kayne Prime?

After working in California, I decided I wanted to move to a bigger city like New York. My cousin suggested Nashville since she lives here, and my husband and I decided to move.

Once I came to Nashville, I heard a lot of great things about Kayne Prime. I walked into the door of Kayne Prime with my resume and expressed my desire to work there. They didn’t have a pastry program at the time, so I spearheaded that. It took me about 6 months to change over the dessert menu completely.

What inspires you in the kitchen when you are creating new desserts?

Flavors. I love creating different flavor combinations that stem from my cultural heritage and my culinary background. 

What is your favorite item that you have created for the Kane Prime menu?

I love using fresh, seasonal products, so it really depends. Right now we’re doing a delicious apple pie, and soon spring and summer fruits like berries will be in season, so I’ll create a new menu. It’s all about constantly evolving with whatever produce is going to come in.

What is your favorite dish to eat?

My mom’s biryani.

What is your favorite dish to make?

I love cooking everything. My day consists of working at Kayne Prime for 12 hours and going home to cook another 2 hours for my husband. I cook everything from Indian to Chinese food and absolutely love it.

What is your favorite part about your job?

Definitely creating new things, that’s what keeps me going and that’s what excites me. I love asking myself "What am I going to do next? What flavors am I going to put together that are new and exciting?" When I create something I try to think of flavors that unique but still complementary. At Kayne, we want to keep things classic with a little edge.

What is your favorite memory at M Street?

Last year I created a lemon bar dessert that wasn’t as popular as some other desserts. There was one particular gentleman who absolutely loved the lemon bar and wanted to meet me. We talked about his travels and the various dishes he has enjoyed around the world. It turns out that his wife was a pastry chef. When you put your heart and soul into a dish and someone who is well-traveled tells you they appreciate it, you feel really good.

Nasera's Lemon Bar

Nasera's Lemon Bar

Who do you look up to in the culinary world?

All of the chefs I’ve ever worked with. When I started my Pastry Chef career I was so raw. I didn’t grow up baking cakes and cookies because we didn’t even have ovens in India, so the first time I ever baked was in culinary school. I am so fortunate to have worked with amazing chefs with incredible knowledge and want to do the same thing for someone else one day.

Chef Nasera's passion for her craft can be tasted in every bite of her seasonal offerings at Kayne Prime. From chocolate bombes to custom strawberry cake, Nasera's desserts take guests on a flavor-filled journey that ignites each sense.

Simply Smitten

With tastebuds tingling from dulce macaroons and eyes twinkling from Kendra Scott’s bright gemstones, M Street’s Saturday night pop-up event, Smitten, left us on a sugar high to last through Valentine’s Day.

Throughout the night, guests on the block were given yellow Kendra Scott boxes at random, which served as admission into Smitten. Tucked away in M Street’s private club, Citizen, guests were greeted by larger-than-life roses and signature sangria.


The room glowed with a sophisticated hue of purple as lounge beats filled the room. The bar bustled with partygoers, and the bartenders' cocktail shakers danced to the rhythm of the music.

There was something to ignite the senses at every turn. A rainbow of macarons, cupcakes, cookies, and fruit tarts crafted by Kayne Prime’s Pastry Chef Nasera adorned the walkway to the dance floor.

In the distance, Kendra Scott’s rainbow of gemstones served as a hot spot for the night. Guests customized their own piece of jewelry while getting an inside peek inside the latest jewelry trends.

The dark, sensual atmosphere of Smitten set the stage for a perfect Valentine’s Day weekend. Guests said their goodbyes and walked out into the city lights on M Street, leaving a little sweeter and sparklier that when the night began.


People of M Street: Sam Miller

Introducing Sam Miller, bartender extraordinaire. You can find him reading the next best book about bartending or crafting his latest personalized cocktail behind the bar at Moto. We sat down with him to see what gets his creative juices flowing.

Where are you from?

I have been in Nashville since I was 7.

How long have you worked at Moto?

I will be coming up on two years.

What made you choose Moto?

I had been working in the industry for about 7 years and I always heard great things about M Street. I was really attracted to Moto and started off as a Server Assistant here. 

How did you move into bartending?

Bartenders always seemed to be the most knowledgeable people that work in a restaurant besides chefs and other kitchen team members. I was eager to learn more and more when I first started at Moto. I love bartending because you are right in front of the guest the whole time. It is almost like you are on stage. It is really fun.

What is your favorite drink?

It depends on where I go, but anything from an Old Fashioned to a Manhattan or a Peated Scotch Neat.

Do you have a favorite Moto drink?

One of them is the Question of Etiquette. It is on our new cocktail menu and I actually came up with it. Made with gin, it is floral and aromatic. There is no citrus, so it is stirred, not shaken. My other favorite is the Garden Grandeur. It is a intricate, botanical-flavored cocktail.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to hang out, watch different shows. Sometimes I read up on bartending. There are several cocktail books I really like at my house.

What inspires you behind the bar?

Basically there are two different ways you can make a drink. The first way can be achieved by taking the recipe of another drink and switching out the main spirit with another spirit.

The second way is really fun. If you learn all the ratios of sweetness, acidity, and alcohol, you can create your own cocktails. Sometimes it is a hit or miss, but it is really cool when you try something new for someone and they like it. Usually when people do not know what they want, I will ask what they like and make something up for them.

Who inspires you?

The people behind the bar and the people I work with. There have been so many people I have looked up to throughout my 7 years in the restaurant industry.

What do you enjoy most about Moto?

I love how versatile it is. You can celebrate here and enjoy a Kayne Prime steak with top notch wine or you can sit at the pizza bar and sip on a craft cocktail.

What is your favorite part about M Street?

The culture. We are a big, huge family.

Sam's creativity inspires not only those he works with but those who visit him at Moto. His passion for bartending is what makes an experience with him like no other.



It was a gloomy Thursday afternoon, and a Nashville storm warning was in effect. The skies began to darken as the rain continued to fall. As if on cue, the clouds broke, the rain subsided, and a rainbow shined over the Nashville skyline just in time for Tavern’s newest Thursday 2-for-1s.

Tavern  2-for-1s are now moved to Thursday. Come over at 2 PM and start early on the fun!

Tavern 2-for-1s are now moved to Thursday. Come over at 2 PM and start early on the fun!

Dodging the last of the puddles, we ducked out of the street into Tavern, assimilating ourselves into the lively crowd chatting excitedly as the DJ played 90s hits in the background. Friends were smiling and clinking their glasses in a cheers to thirsty Thursday. We found a few seats at the bar and sat down to order our first drink of the night.

Friends gathered around the bar to celebrate Thirsty Thursday.

Friends gathered around the bar to celebrate Thirsty Thursday.


We ordered a round of 1920 cocktails and some grilled artichoke to start. Out came our drinks along with tokens to exchange for the next round. As we took the first sip of our 1920, the tangy grapefruit and the sweet basil truly tickled our taste buds. We continued to sip our drinks as the DJ flipped the music to Backstreet Boys’ famous hit “I Want it That Way”. Singing along to the chorus, guests reminisced about the days when the Spice Girls and boy bands ruled the radio.

The 1920: Corsair gin, grapefruit, ginger, and basil

The 1920: Corsair gin, grapefruit, ginger, and basil

A few 2-for-1 tokens later, we wistfully swigged the last of our drinks as the DJ played “Closing Time”. Like Semisonic sings, “we gathered up our jackets and moved it to the exit,” starting the countdown until next Thursday’s Tavern 2-for-1.

See you this Thursday!

See you this Thursday!

Hello Sunshine: A Guide to Nashville's Top Outdoor Activities

Take out your sunglasses and shorts out because it’s finally spring time in Nashville! From enjoying Mother Nature's beautiful scenery to enjoying a drink on Nashville’s best rooftops, we’re here to give you the top five outdoor activities for the season.

The sun is finally shining on the block!

The sun is finally shining on the block!


1. Virago’s Rooftop Patio: We’ve been waiting for it all season, and it’s almost here! Virago’s rooftop easily has the best view of the nighttime Nashville skyline. Enjoy a cocktail and a sushi roll while gazing at the bright lights of our hometown. Insider tip: Virago offers half-off sushi rolls and 2-for-1 cocktails on Mondays for Maki Saki Monday.

The spectacular view from Virago's rooftop

The spectacular view from Virago's rooftop

2. Nashville Zoo: The zoo offers countless interactive experiences that turn an ordinary Saturday or Sunday into a safari adventure. From petting kangaroos to brushing goats, the Nashville Zoo surely knows how to awaken our child-like excitement. Add some alcohol into the mix during their Brew at The Zoo event on June 3, featuring 100 craft beers.   

Source:  Nashville Zoo

3. Pontooning on Percy Priest Lake: According to Little Big Town, pontooning is a “party in slow the open.” The perfect recipe for an ideal day on the pontoon involves music, cold drinks, and some friends. While the pontoon floats on the pristine Percy Priest Lake, we enjoy sunbathing on the top level of the pontoon, dancing to some music, or jumping off the cliffs on the shoreline.

Source:  TripAdvisor

Source: TripAdvisor


4. Pharmacy Burger Beer Garden: Fresh open air, cascading lights, a milkshake, and a juicy burger is all we need for a relaxing Nashville night. Pharmacy’s outdoor beer garden embodies a quintessential Nashville experience with its lush greenery and friendly chatter.

Source:  Pharmacy Burger

5. Patio at Acme: With three floors of entertainment, Acme is the hot spot on Broadway that we never miss. Once we get in, we head straight for the roof to claim a table. Relax on the patio while taking in the Nashville sun rays. With view of Broadway on our left and a view of the Cumberland River on our right, the Acme roof rivals as our favorite daytime drinking spot.

Source:  Nashville Guru

From drinking on rooftops to petting animals, there will surely be no dull moments this spring in Nashville. Gather some friends and plan the next outdoor adventure!

Tequila with a Side of Nashville

“It’s a song about not knowing if loving someone is crazy, fun, heaven, or hell,” Kristina Murray explained to the cozy crowd before she sang a cover of Willie Nelson’s song “Heaven and Hell”. This past Thursday night, Saint Añejo, Trianon Tequila, and Native Nashville hosted their monthly music event, Tequila Sessions, to highlight up-and-coming artists in the Nashville area.

Trianon Tequila  craft margaritas make the night so much fun!

Trianon Tequila craft margaritas make the night so much fun!


Each Tequila Session is held in the Tequila Library, a trendy room decorated with sugar skulls, vintage books, and leather couches. Tucked away in Saint Añejo’s mezzanine, the Tequila Library has an upscale basement-type vibe.

Come on in to the Tequila Library...don't have to be quiet here!

Come on in to the Tequila Library...don't have to be quiet here!


When we first arrived to the Tequila Library around 4:30 PM, the bartender offered us several drink options made with Trianon Tequila. Who could resist some Trianon Tequila? After all, research has shown that drinking tequila improves your appearance and health! ( We opted for a Casa Perfecta Margarita and a pour of Trianon’s añejo with a side of orange and cinnamon. After taking the first sips of our drinks, we settled into the chill, hip mood.

Casa Perfecta and an añejo pour

Casa Perfecta and an añejo pour

As Kristina was doing a sound check, Executive Chef Jason Slimak brought up some Chicken Tinga, Shrimp and Mango, and Local Veggie Quesadillas. We snagged a piece of the Chicken Tinga Quesadilla before they were quickly swept up. The quesadilla’s smoky and savory flavor perfectly complimented our sweet and sour margarita.

Chicken Tinga Quesadilla with Chipotle and Barbacoa

Chicken Tinga Quesadilla with Chipotle and Barbacoa


While we enjoyed our second drink, this time trying the Paloma, a grapefruit and tequila cocktail, Kristina sang an upbeat original song called “Southland”. The acoustic sounds mixed with the friendly chatter among strangers and friends alike made for an intimate environment.

Kristina Murray  strums a few chords between verses.

Kristina Murray strums a few chords between verses.


The familiar sounds of Tequila Sessions' featured singer-songwriter alongside the chic-cantina feel of Saint Añejo's Tequila Library made for a quintessential Nashville night and a hint of Mexican flair. With the original music, Trianon craft margaritas, and fresh offerings, we will certainly not miss next month’s Tequila Sessions!

Trianon  Tequila Añejo, Reposado, and Blanco.

Trianon Tequila Añejo, Reposado, and Blanco.

Relive the Tequila Sessions vibe with a video of one of our previous performers, Brandy Zdan.

Video by GEMS on VHS.

What's in Your Cup? A Nashville Drink for Every Day of the Week

Whether we’re waking up in the morning in need of some serious caffeine or getting ready for a night out, we’re always looking for the next best drink to refuel our bodies. From warm to cold, sweet to savory, here’s a guide to Nashville’s best drinks for each day of the week.



Sunday: It’s Sunday morning and we’re in need of some serious brunch time. We head over to Saint Añejo. While we're deciding what brunch food to order, we opt for a cactus juice. As we take the first sip of our cactus juice, the sweet and earthy flavors rejuvenate us. We feel fresh and full of life. Before we know it, the glass is empty!

Source:  Nearly Native  Instagram

Source: Nearly Native Instagram

Monday: After an eventful weekend, it's no surprise that we have a case of the Monday blues. The best way to spice up our Mondays is with Virago's Wasabi Martini. Did we mention that Monday is Maki Sake Monday? That means we can get two Wasabi Martinis for the price of one. Double the excitement!

Source:  Costa Cucina

Source: Costa Cucina

Tuesday: It's still the beginning of the week, and we're in need of some caffeine to get a jump start on our day. Our favorite coffee fix is Frothy Monkey's vanilla latte. The latte gives us the buzz we need to get our work done, and not to mention it is seriously delicious! Frothy Monkey offers seasonal latte flavors, so we always like to mix it up once in a while.

Source:  Frothy Monkey  website

Source: Frothy Monkey website

Wednesday: On hump day we like to visit High Garden Tea for some peaceful reflection. With an apothecary-like vibe, earthy decor, and no wifi, we feel completely relaxed as we sip on our hot tea. Our favorite teas are Immortal Monk or whichever iced tea they are brewing when it is warm outside. All day Wednesday High Garden features "Local Love Wednesdays" with special deals for both cups and pots of tea.

Source:  High Garden Tea  website

Source: High Garden Tea website

Thursday: Raise your glasses to the best new place to celebrate Thirsty Thursday! Tavern's 2-for-1 night will now take place each Thursday starting March 31st. Our favorite 2-for-1 libation is the 1920. The mix of grapefruit, ginger, and basil is undeniably refreshing.



Friday: The best way to celebrate our favorite day of the week is with Moto's wide selection of wine. One of the hidden gems at Moto is their quartino special every night from 5-6:30 PM. For the price of one glass, Moto offers a quartino pour, which is almost a glass and a half. We love the Casteggio Pinot Noir. A delicate mix of red berry aromatics with a light bodied texture, this Pinot melts softly with each sip we take. After a few glasses of wine at Moto's bar, it's hard not to order one of their pizzas, prepared and baked right there at the bar!

Come for a drink, stay for a pizza!

Come for a drink, stay for a pizza!

Saturday: With warm Nashville days starting to make an appearance, our Saturday agenda will surely involve day drinking in the beautiful Spring weather. One of our definite musts for bar-hopping around Nashville is Burger Republic, located in The Gulch. Their spiked milkshakes are sinfully delicious. Try their Evil S'mores Spiked Milkshake with marshmallow vodka. 

Now, who's ready to put our week of drinks to the test?!