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An M Street New Year

When the clock strikes Midnight, we will be welcoming 2017 in true M Street style. Bubbles will be flowing, confetti will be flying, and beats will be thumping throughout our bodies as we ring in the new year on the block. This New Year's, The Rosewall, Virago, Saint Anejo, and Whiskey Kitchen will all take part in the celebration.

We sat down with M Street's Event Producer, Kim Sawyer and our New Year's Eve Headliner, Chief Maverick of Los Angeles to see what we can expect from the night.

What inspired you for this year's New Year's Eve?

Kim Sawyer: In a nutshell, Vegas clubs inspired me. My favorite part about last year's New Year's Eve was the light show. I wanted to make this year's light show even bigger and better. I also wanted to focus on bright colors throughout the night. The colors and patterns will change based on the increase in energy throughout the night. The decor will be black and white with various colors coming from the lights.

Walk us through the night. What can we expect?

Kim Sawyer: DJ Keno will open the night and get the energy going. One of the first things that guests will notice is the DJ stage in the center with a platform around it to dance on. The second thing guests will notice is the large bar with really fun, interactive elements and live installations. Then Chief Maverick, an awesome DJ coming from LA, will make his Nashville debut headlining the night and helping us ring in 2017.

DJ Keno at last year's NYE party

DJ Keno at last year's NYE party

What is your favorite part about this NYE production?

Kim Sawyer: I keep going back to the lights, but all of the elements are falling into place so seamlessly. I cannot express how excited I am to see everything come together. There are going to be some really cool installations, and even the costumes for the dancers are being flown in from Vegas. I have a really good feeling about this one.

Sample of 2017 NYE dancer's outfits, courtesy of Glen Cleary/ Belluscious .

Sample of 2017 NYE dancer's outfits, courtesy of Glen Cleary/Belluscious.

What was the most memorable part about last year's New Year's Eve?

Kim Sawyer: I loved how creative we got with our bar set-up last year. There was an aerialist inside of a chandelier. It added such a "wow" factor. I challenged myself this year to get equally creative but also focus on faster bar service.

Can you describe M Street New Year's Eve in 3 words?

Kim Sawyer: Energetic dance party.

How will this party be different from other productions around Nashville?

Kim Sawyer: I think what makes our party stand out is that it will be a club party. There will be tons of cool concerts and fancy galas around town, but this is a high-energy, thoughtfully produced dance party. It will definitely be the largest club party happening in Nashville this year, with next-level productions.

Moving on to our Headliner, Chief Maverick. How would you describe your music?

Chief Maverick: I like to interpret my sets in a very energetic way. By adding my own twist on songs people know, my music evokes excitement and adrenaline. I would describe my music as having uplifting bridges and hard drops.

Amazing photo shoot of Chief Maverick shot by the incredible  Audrey Crawford .

Amazing photo shoot of Chief Maverick shot by the incredible Audrey Crawford.

When did you start DJing?

Chief Maverick: Four years ago. I went to Counterpoint Music Festival in Atlanta, and it was my first EDM show. During Skrillex's set I decided that being a DJ is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Where did you get your DJ name?

Chief Maverick: My dad gave me the nickname Maverick when I was younger after the old Western TV series, Bret Maverick. The Chief part of my DJ name comes from my Choctaw heritage.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Chief Maverick: I am inspired by what I experience when I go to shows. I try to picture myself listening to the music I produce to see if I would enjoy it or want to dance to it.

What is your favorite show you have played?

Chief Maverick: When I lived in Seattle I played at a place called Club Volume. I was just getting started in my DJ career, and it was my first club show, so it was very memorable.

What do you think NYE will be like?

Chief Maverick: I think New Year's Eve will be super energetic and fun. It will definitely top any of the other parties I have done, especially with the combination of amazing lights and sound.





Halloween 2016: "Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here"

Entering “limbo,” we are suddenly overcome by a sea of red hues. Quickly passing by signs of our sins - lust, gluttony, avarice, wrath - we are greeted by a seductive woman in red, beckoning us to join the dance with the devil.

A multi-colored dance floor filled with fellow souls catches our attention while images of flames strewn across the walls dance in the reflection of our eyes. The music thumps throughout our body, taking the place of our heartbeat, our humanity. We lock eyes with an angel of darkness, luring us toward the stage.

A troupe of scantily-clad Burlesque dancers perform a sultry piece to a slow version of Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” Their presence in front of the delivish mural painted by Brian Wooden drags us deeper into our enchanted trance.

 A round of Espolon tequila shots gets the night going; for the moment, it quenches our insatiable thirst. Chasing our tequila with the familiar flavors of cinnamon and orange added just enough spice that left our taste buds wanting more.

DJ AyDamn plays a thumping mix that gets our blood flowing. We feel the Espolon tequila trickle through our body, almost luring us onto the dance floor. Jumping to the beat of the music, aerialists dangling from hula hoops and ropes flip around above us. Who knew Hell would be so fun?

The Rosewall enchants us with its seductive music as we continue to move on the dance floor. The light shows coming from the DJ stage bring us deeper into a trance. We find ourselves hypnotized by the red tinge of the room as bodies sway to the motion of the beats.

As the night comes to a close, we exit the red abyss and breathe in some of the cool, October air. Our bodies still tingle as the music plays on inside. We look back and smile at our night in Inferno. 

SQUAD: A Night at The Rosewall

The smoke added another level to the DJ show

The smoke added another level to the DJ show

Whoosh! Smoke flared up from the stage just as DJ KDSML was getting ready to drop the beat. The room was full of colors and the guests were dressed to the nines. Just as the bass started to get lower, the kick drum got louder, and louder, and louder. And bam! The bass dropped and we all started jumping.

The crowd jumped to the beat as the 4 DJs constantly rotated their mixes

The crowd jumped to the beat as the 4 DJs constantly rotated their mixes

DJ Keno high-fived DJ Spice J as the beat rotated to the next set. The Belluscious dancer’s faux-hawks whipped in the air as they simultaneously danced with the song’s rhythm. As the dancers rocked to the beat, we felt the vibrations of the music throughout our bodies.

The Belluscious dancer rocked out to DJ Spice J's mix

The Belluscious dancer rocked out to DJ Spice J's mix

We meandered over to the bar, ready to refuel for another round of dancing. As we turned around to look at the nightclub experience, reminiscent of a Las Vegas party that made its way to Nashville, we couldn't help but sip our drinks a little faster so that we could get back to the dance floor.

A bird's eye view of Saturday night's club scene

A bird's eye view of Saturday night's club scene

Just as we got back to the dance floor, the Belluscious dancers came out wearing a new costume adorned with lights. The dancers waved their light-encrusted gloves to the beat of the DJ Coach’s music as a light show began on the stage. We were mesmerized by the flashing lights and the entrancing DJ mixes.

The Belluscious dancers' costumes were sure to impress

The Belluscious dancers' costumes were sure to impress

Even though we had been dancing for nearly four hours, our bodies weren’t tired at all. The liveliness of the night continued to replenish our energy, and we weren’t ready to go home. Once the DJs played their last mix together, we walked back up through The Rosewall runway, lit by bright blue neon lights, and entered back into reality…

Our guests couldn't stop dancing to the DJ's mixes

Our guests couldn't stop dancing to the DJ's mixes



Sugar Lounge: A Sweet Recap

Sugar Lounge: A Sweet Recap

Walking into the dimly-lit runway at The Rosewall, we were immediately submerged into a lounge of indulgence. The cool, acoustic sounds of the live band set us in the sultry Valentine’s mood. Everywhere we turned, there was a table dedicated to life’s sweetest desserts—chocolate strawberries from Virago’s Chef Andrew Whitney over here, heart-shaped donuts by DOH Nashville over there. Our eyes were constantly filled with visions of sugar, and our mouths never stopped watering.