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Soaking Up the Sun

Goodbye, July and hello, August. As we enter the final month of summer, we can't help but reminisce on the great times and good vibes we've had this season on M Street. Every summer has its story, and here's ours:


The icy-fresh Ginger-Ale is the perfect end to a day of chasing the sun. Crafted with Lunazul Tequila, Domaine de Canton, Pineapple, and The Rose Ale.


Cheers to the late summer nights with new friends, old friends, and the wild adventures in between.

From April Sun to May Fun

Although it’s hard to believe, May is right around the corner. Time sure flies when the sun comes out and the weather gets warmer. From outdoor activities to beach-themed parties, May is always an eventful time in Nashville. We’re here to share the top 5 events we are most looking forward to in May, and we’ve got a few up our sleeve that are happening right here on the block.

1. Cinco De Mayo, May 5th: Put on your sombreros and head over to Saint Anejo and The Rosewall on May 5. We’ll be bringing the outside in as The Rosewall transforms into a street fair with bright lights and summer decorations. Sip on margaritas and grab some bite-size Mexican snacks while socializing in The Rosewall or wandering over to Saint Anejo’s bustling patio.

2. VIVA HAVANA, May 7th: Imagine yourself lounging on a VIP cabana while sipping on a mojito in a brightly colored beach party inspired room. VIVA HAVANA will transport you to the vibrant lifestyle of Cuba. Latin DJ music accompanied by Cuban drumming percussion will surround the room while Chiquita dancers invigorate the party. Guests will dress to impress for this elevated Cuban party.

3. Steeplechase, May 14th: Grab your friends and a sunhat and get ready for a day of socializing and relaxing at Steeplechase. Start the morning off with tailgating at Percy Warner Park. Don’t forget to bring snacks and some Tennessee Whiskey to make those Honey Jack Juleps. Once the races start, head over to the Centerfield to take part in the action.

4. Bellissima! At The Frist, May 27th: The Frist’s luxurious Italian automobile exhibit will be both captivating and stimulating. Featuring 19 automobiles and 3 motorcycles, each car installment will tell a story of the Italian automotive Renaissance. This stylish and sensual exhibit might rival as our favorite Frist exhibit yet.

Source: 1954 Alfa Romeo BAT 7. The Blackhawk Collection. Image © 2016 Peter Harholdt @ Frist

Source: 1954 Alfa Romeo BAT 7. The Blackhawk Collection. Image © 2016 Peter Harholdt @Frist

5. Dylan Fest, May 23rd and 24th: Bob Dylan's music will come to life at The Ryman, Nashville's mother church, for a two-night concert event. Artists like Kacey Musgraves and Moon Taxi take the stage to perform their favorite Bob Dylan songs. No doubt that we'll find ourselves humming along to the familiar sounds of Bob Dylan's unparalleled hits as they vibrate throughout The Ryman.

Source: @Nashville Lifestyles

Source: @Nashville Lifestyles

From music to horses to a beach party, May will surely ignite all of our senses and turn our ordinary days into extraordinary days.

How Do You Brunch?

It’s 11:00 AM on Saturday morning and we open our eyes and lift our arms up for a big stretch. We look around for a cup of water, take a sip, and think to ourselves, “what’s for brunch?” Brunch is easily the most favorite (and important) meal of the weekend. We look forward to it all week and sometimes plan it out days in advance. Whether we’re craving waffles, pancakes, eggs benedict, or even a burrito, Nashville knows how to satisfy our brunch cravings. Here’s our top 5 favorite brunch items!

Brunch is all about friends, laughter, and great food and drinks!

Brunch is all about friends, laughter, and great food and drinks!

1. Tavern's “White Trash Hash”: Though it’s not a dish in itself, but rather a side to select brunch items, we could eat an entire plateful of this. A delicate mix of potatoes with melted cheese, Tavern’s white trash hash is addicting, satisfying, and always elicits the response “this is amazing!!”

We can't go to  Tavern  brunch without getting an extra side order of the White Trash Hash!

We can't go to Tavern brunch without getting an extra side order of the White Trash Hash!

2. The Flipside's "The Big Fix" Bloody Mary: A bloody mary for brunch is always a good idea. But The Flipside’s “The Big Fix” bloody mary is an incredible idea! Poured in a 22 ounce frosted mug, this drink has traditional bloody mary ingredients with an exciting addition of bacon, pickle, tater tots, chicken, and a crab claw sticking out from the glass. The bloody mary is both delicious and thrilling, and will sure to turn a few heads.

Source:  Thrillist

Source: Thrillist


3. Saint Añejo's Dark Chocolate Waffles: Who says we can’t eat chocolate for breakfast? Saint Añejo’s chocolate waffles are irresistibly delicious. These waffles come out warm, topped with a perfectly sweet cinnamon whipped cream and finished with a strawberry crema drizzle.

Chocolate, berries, and whipped cream goodness.

Chocolate, berries, and whipped cream goodness.

4. Frothy Monkey's Julie Bagel: Nothing says a relaxing Saturday morning quite like brunch at Frothy Monkey. Curl up with a warm latte and one of their amazing bagel sandwiches with fresh ingredients. Our personal favorite is the Julie on an everything bagel. The feta and basil compliment the fluffy farm eggs. Don’t forget to add bacon for a next-level flavor!

Source:  Pinterest

Source: Pinterest


5. Marché's Croissant French Toast: Whenever we find ourselves on the East side, we never forget to stop by Marché, a café reminiscent of a European style bistro. Though their fresh cuisine changes seasonally, we always find ourselves ordering their croissant French toast topped with powdered sugar and maple syrup. Sitting in the rustic yet elegant café, taking the first bite of our French toast, we can’t help but smile.

Source:  Yelp

Source: Yelp

Now where do we start? Tavern? Or maybe The Flipside? We're ready for some brunch! How many more days until the weekend?!

Hello Sunshine: A Guide to Nashville's Top Outdoor Activities

Take out your sunglasses and shorts out because it’s finally spring time in Nashville! From enjoying Mother Nature's beautiful scenery to enjoying a drink on Nashville’s best rooftops, we’re here to give you the top five outdoor activities for the season.

The sun is finally shining on the block!

The sun is finally shining on the block!


1. Virago’s Rooftop Patio: We’ve been waiting for it all season, and it’s almost here! Virago’s rooftop easily has the best view of the nighttime Nashville skyline. Enjoy a cocktail and a sushi roll while gazing at the bright lights of our hometown. Insider tip: Virago offers half-off sushi rolls and 2-for-1 cocktails on Mondays for Maki Saki Monday.

The spectacular view from Virago's rooftop

The spectacular view from Virago's rooftop

2. Nashville Zoo: The zoo offers countless interactive experiences that turn an ordinary Saturday or Sunday into a safari adventure. From petting kangaroos to brushing goats, the Nashville Zoo surely knows how to awaken our child-like excitement. Add some alcohol into the mix during their Brew at The Zoo event on June 3, featuring 100 craft beers.   

Source:  Nashville Zoo

3. Pontooning on Percy Priest Lake: According to Little Big Town, pontooning is a “party in slow the open.” The perfect recipe for an ideal day on the pontoon involves music, cold drinks, and some friends. While the pontoon floats on the pristine Percy Priest Lake, we enjoy sunbathing on the top level of the pontoon, dancing to some music, or jumping off the cliffs on the shoreline.

Source:  TripAdvisor

Source: TripAdvisor


4. Pharmacy Burger Beer Garden: Fresh open air, cascading lights, a milkshake, and a juicy burger is all we need for a relaxing Nashville night. Pharmacy’s outdoor beer garden embodies a quintessential Nashville experience with its lush greenery and friendly chatter.

Source:  Pharmacy Burger

5. Patio at Acme: With three floors of entertainment, Acme is the hot spot on Broadway that we never miss. Once we get in, we head straight for the roof to claim a table. Relax on the patio while taking in the Nashville sun rays. With view of Broadway on our left and a view of the Cumberland River on our right, the Acme roof rivals as our favorite daytime drinking spot.

Source:  Nashville Guru

From drinking on rooftops to petting animals, there will surely be no dull moments this spring in Nashville. Gather some friends and plan the next outdoor adventure!

What's in Your Cup? A Nashville Drink for Every Day of the Week

Whether we’re waking up in the morning in need of some serious caffeine or getting ready for a night out, we’re always looking for the next best drink to refuel our bodies. From warm to cold, sweet to savory, here’s a guide to Nashville’s best drinks for each day of the week.



Sunday: It’s Sunday morning and we’re in need of some serious brunch time. We head over to Saint Añejo. While we're deciding what brunch food to order, we opt for a cactus juice. As we take the first sip of our cactus juice, the sweet and earthy flavors rejuvenate us. We feel fresh and full of life. Before we know it, the glass is empty!

Source:  Nearly Native  Instagram

Source: Nearly Native Instagram

Monday: After an eventful weekend, it's no surprise that we have a case of the Monday blues. The best way to spice up our Mondays is with Virago's Wasabi Martini. Did we mention that Monday is Maki Sake Monday? That means we can get two Wasabi Martinis for the price of one. Double the excitement!

Source:  Costa Cucina

Source: Costa Cucina

Tuesday: It's still the beginning of the week, and we're in need of some caffeine to get a jump start on our day. Our favorite coffee fix is Frothy Monkey's vanilla latte. The latte gives us the buzz we need to get our work done, and not to mention it is seriously delicious! Frothy Monkey offers seasonal latte flavors, so we always like to mix it up once in a while.

Source:  Frothy Monkey  website

Source: Frothy Monkey website

Wednesday: On hump day we like to visit High Garden Tea for some peaceful reflection. With an apothecary-like vibe, earthy decor, and no wifi, we feel completely relaxed as we sip on our hot tea. Our favorite teas are Immortal Monk or whichever iced tea they are brewing when it is warm outside. All day Wednesday High Garden features "Local Love Wednesdays" with special deals for both cups and pots of tea.

Source:  High Garden Tea  website

Source: High Garden Tea website

Thursday: Raise your glasses to the best new place to celebrate Thirsty Thursday! Tavern's 2-for-1 night will now take place each Thursday starting March 31st. Our favorite 2-for-1 libation is the 1920. The mix of grapefruit, ginger, and basil is undeniably refreshing.



Friday: The best way to celebrate our favorite day of the week is with Moto's wide selection of wine. One of the hidden gems at Moto is their quartino special every night from 5-6:30 PM. For the price of one glass, Moto offers a quartino pour, which is almost a glass and a half. We love the Casteggio Pinot Noir. A delicate mix of red berry aromatics with a light bodied texture, this Pinot melts softly with each sip we take. After a few glasses of wine at Moto's bar, it's hard not to order one of their pizzas, prepared and baked right there at the bar!

Come for a drink, stay for a pizza!

Come for a drink, stay for a pizza!

Saturday: With warm Nashville days starting to make an appearance, our Saturday agenda will surely involve day drinking in the beautiful Spring weather. One of our definite musts for bar-hopping around Nashville is Burger Republic, located in The Gulch. Their spiked milkshakes are sinfully delicious. Try their Evil S'mores Spiked Milkshake with marshmallow vodka. 

Now, who's ready to put our week of drinks to the test?!



Confessions of a Nashville Sweet Tooth

The sun is peeking through the clouds and the days of laying by the pool and pontooning on Percy Priest Lake are on the horizon. Sure, we should be hitting the gym or going to Hot Box to get swimsuit ready, but we’ll indulge in some of Nashville’s most delectable desserts instead. Here’s the top 10 desserts to try this spring. After all, isn’t the saying “a dessert a day keeps the doctor away”?

Nashville has the best sweets to satisfy everyone!

Nashville has the best sweets to satisfy everyone!


1.  Kayne Prime’s Coconut Passion Bar: This dessert literally transports us to paradise. From the first bite, our taste buds awaken. The sweet coconut combined with the passion mousse feels as light as air in our mouths.

Kayne's  coconut passion bar with coconut dacquoise, passion mousse, coconut caramel, and Italian meringue

Kayne's coconut passion bar with coconut dacquoise, passion mousse, coconut caramel, and Italian meringue


2. Bricktop’s Cookie Skillet: Just looking at this picture leaves us speechless. The cookie is so warm and gooey, and when we dip our spoon in to get a bite, chocolate oozes out. Every time we order this,  the whole cookie skillet is gone within minutes!

Source:  Yelp

Source: Yelp


3. Saint Añejo’s Churros: Who doesn’t love churros? Saint Añejo’s churros come out soft and warm, with a side of dulce de leche for dipping. The cinnamon sugar coating brings us back to our childhood.

Saint Añejo 's churros with cinnamon sugar and dulche de leche sauce for dipping

Saint Añejo's churros with cinnamon sugar and dulche de leche sauce for dipping


4. Tavern’s S’mores: This dessert is so much fun! It’s interactive and amazingly delicious. The s’mores comes with a personal size flame to roast marshmallows. Choose from graham crackers, chocolate, strawberries, or even peanut butter cups to create a personalized s’mores sandwich.

Source:  Yelp

Source: Yelp

5. Las Paletas’ Rose Petal Popsicle: We love Las Paletas' unique flavored popsicles, whether it be avocado, tamarind with chili, hibiscus, or our favorite, rose petal. A creamy, sweet flavor, the rose petal popsicle melts in our mouths. Sitting on the porch of the Las Paletas shop, looking at Sevier Park, and enjoying a rose petal popsicle is the perfect recipe for a warm Nashville day.

Source:  Yelp

Source: Yelp

6. Moto’s Affogato: Whenever we need a sweet pick-me-up, we order the Affogato at Moto. A scoop of vanilla gelato sandwiched between two scoops of coconut sorbet, the affogato is perfectly finished with a delicate pour of Italian espresso.

Coconut sorbet, vanilla gelato, topped with espresso

Coconut sorbet, vanilla gelato, topped with espresso

7. The Loving Pie Company's Cherry Pie:  There’s nothing better than some classic cherry pie, and The Loving Pie Co. has certainly mastered the art of pie-making. A slice of their cherry pie a la mode with homemade Pied Piper Creamery ice cream is the perfect ode to this all-American dessert.

Source:  The Loving Pie Company  website

Source: The Loving Pie Company website

8. Virago’s Mochi: After satisfying our sushi craving at Virago, we never miss out on the mochi trio. Made with premium Hawaiian ice cream, the flavors change weekly. Some of our favorites are blueberry, pumpkin, and green tea.

Virago 's mochi trio with premium Hawaiian ice cream in a sweet rice wrapper

Virago's mochi trio with premium Hawaiian ice cream in a sweet rice wrapper

9. Silo: We admit it, we’re crazy for anything salted caramel flavored. Silo’s pot de crème topped with salted caramel sauce is the perfect harmony of salty and sweet. With a side of caramel-bacon popcorn, our mouths literally water just thinking about this dessert.

Source:  Yelp

Source: Yelp



10. Whiskey Kitchen’s bread pudding:  With the flavor changing every few weeks, Whiskey’s bread pudding is always sure to satisfy. From flavors like chocolate to sweet potato to ginger peach, the bread pudding is melt-in-your-mouth good.

Whiskey Kitchen 's peanut butter banana bread pudding with cookie dough ice cream and Godiva chocolate sauce

Whiskey Kitchen's peanut butter banana bread pudding with cookie dough ice cream and Godiva chocolate sauce

So many sweets, so little time!

The Perfect Saturday

The first weekend of March calls for some celebration. We’re almost through with winter and spring is on the horizon. While we may not be able to put away our winter coats just yet, we can start counting down the days until we wear our sandals and shorts. Here’s a hypothetical timeline for the perfect first Saturday in March:

A beautiful day in the Gulch

A beautiful day in the Gulch

It’s Saturday morning, and we wake up at 10:00 AM. Around 10:30 we head over to Saint Añejo for brunch. Though it’s tough to decide, we order the Dark Chocolate Waffles and 2-for-1 Bloody Marys. The restaurant is bustling and the atmosphere is hip and laid-back.

Saint Añejo's Blood and Smoke Bloody Mary

Saint Añejo's Blood and Smoke Bloody Mary