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An M Street New Year

When the clock strikes Midnight, we will be welcoming 2017 in true M Street style. Bubbles will be flowing, confetti will be flying, and beats will be thumping throughout our bodies as we ring in the new year on the block. This New Year's, The Rosewall, Virago, Saint Anejo, and Whiskey Kitchen will all take part in the celebration.

We sat down with M Street's Event Producer, Kim Sawyer and our New Year's Eve Headliner, Chief Maverick of Los Angeles to see what we can expect from the night.

What inspired you for this year's New Year's Eve?

Kim Sawyer: In a nutshell, Vegas clubs inspired me. My favorite part about last year's New Year's Eve was the light show. I wanted to make this year's light show even bigger and better. I also wanted to focus on bright colors throughout the night. The colors and patterns will change based on the increase in energy throughout the night. The decor will be black and white with various colors coming from the lights.

Walk us through the night. What can we expect?

Kim Sawyer: DJ Keno will open the night and get the energy going. One of the first things that guests will notice is the DJ stage in the center with a platform around it to dance on. The second thing guests will notice is the large bar with really fun, interactive elements and live installations. Then Chief Maverick, an awesome DJ coming from LA, will make his Nashville debut headlining the night and helping us ring in 2017.

DJ Keno at last year's NYE party

DJ Keno at last year's NYE party

What is your favorite part about this NYE production?

Kim Sawyer: I keep going back to the lights, but all of the elements are falling into place so seamlessly. I cannot express how excited I am to see everything come together. There are going to be some really cool installations, and even the costumes for the dancers are being flown in from Vegas. I have a really good feeling about this one.

Sample of 2017 NYE dancer's outfits, courtesy of Glen Cleary/ Belluscious .

Sample of 2017 NYE dancer's outfits, courtesy of Glen Cleary/Belluscious.

What was the most memorable part about last year's New Year's Eve?

Kim Sawyer: I loved how creative we got with our bar set-up last year. There was an aerialist inside of a chandelier. It added such a "wow" factor. I challenged myself this year to get equally creative but also focus on faster bar service.

Can you describe M Street New Year's Eve in 3 words?

Kim Sawyer: Energetic dance party.

How will this party be different from other productions around Nashville?

Kim Sawyer: I think what makes our party stand out is that it will be a club party. There will be tons of cool concerts and fancy galas around town, but this is a high-energy, thoughtfully produced dance party. It will definitely be the largest club party happening in Nashville this year, with next-level productions.

Moving on to our Headliner, Chief Maverick. How would you describe your music?

Chief Maverick: I like to interpret my sets in a very energetic way. By adding my own twist on songs people know, my music evokes excitement and adrenaline. I would describe my music as having uplifting bridges and hard drops.

Amazing photo shoot of Chief Maverick shot by the incredible  Audrey Crawford .

Amazing photo shoot of Chief Maverick shot by the incredible Audrey Crawford.

When did you start DJing?

Chief Maverick: Four years ago. I went to Counterpoint Music Festival in Atlanta, and it was my first EDM show. During Skrillex's set I decided that being a DJ is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Where did you get your DJ name?

Chief Maverick: My dad gave me the nickname Maverick when I was younger after the old Western TV series, Bret Maverick. The Chief part of my DJ name comes from my Choctaw heritage.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Chief Maverick: I am inspired by what I experience when I go to shows. I try to picture myself listening to the music I produce to see if I would enjoy it or want to dance to it.

What is your favorite show you have played?

Chief Maverick: When I lived in Seattle I played at a place called Club Volume. I was just getting started in my DJ career, and it was my first club show, so it was very memorable.

What do you think NYE will be like?

Chief Maverick: I think New Year's Eve will be super energetic and fun. It will definitely top any of the other parties I have done, especially with the combination of amazing lights and sound.





M Street Inferno: Dance With The Devil

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

Fire, seduction, and a literary classic inspired M Street’s Creative Producer, Kim Sawyer to develop the theme for this year’s Halloween on M Street. We sat down with Kim and headliner DJ Aydamn (who was recently voted Nashville's Best DJ by the Nashville Scene) to see what we can expect as The Rosewall transforms into the Devil’s seductive lair for M Street Inferno on October 29th.

Kim Sawyer, Creative Producer

Kim Sawyer, Creative Producer

Dj Aydamn, Halloween 2016 Headliner

Dj Aydamn, Halloween 2016 Headliner

What inspired you to pick this year’s theme, M Street Inferno?

Kim: I wanted to have a club-like party in a classic M Street way; edgy, seductive, and sexy. My goal is to touch all of your senses. I was inspired by a combination of Dante’s Inferno and Studio 54. Essentially, what would a nightclub feel like in the depths of Hell.

The Rosewall: Before

The Rosewall: Before

Walk us through the night. What can we expect?

Kim: Upon entering The Rosewall, angels of darkness will greet you. They will walk through the hallway, passing the 8 circles of Hell from Dante’s Inferno. Once you ultimately reach the 9th circle, Treachery, the ultimate Satan Seductress will lead you into the fiery, red club.

The DJs will be in the middle of The Rosewall with a 360 degree dance floor. The dance floor will be a lit-up disco floor. More angels of darkness and aerialists will be dancing and flying on stage as you continue to indulge on into the dark of night.

Throughout the evening, we will have performances by devilishly-costumed burlesque professionals. Expect plentiful fiery, red, & sexy undertones surrounding, guiding you through your evening.

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

What is your favorite part about this Halloween production?

Kim: I love how The Rosewall will be truly transformed into something Nashville has never seen before. Everything will be very red, very artsy, and very dramatic. An integral part, and also my personal favorite, are the performers; the DJs, the dancers, and the aerialists will have beautiful costuming and theatrical roles.

DJ Aydamn: I am super excited to be the "Lucifer" DJ. It is going to be an epic dance party filled with super-hot decor and sounds.

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

What type of music can we expect at M Street Inferno?

DJ Aydamn: Spook-tastic music with a mix of EDM and songs that you cannot help but dance to. Everyone better get ready to throw down your Hell-ish disco moves.

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

What was the most memorable part of last year’s Halloween party, Spellbound on M Street?

Kim: I loved the whole vibe of our guests; we had such a fun and creative crowd.  In terms of the production, the burlesque performers were my favorite. They nailed the theme and were mesmerizing. Nobody could take their eyes off of them. We are using the same dance company again and I know they are going to knock it out of the park with this year’s Inferno theme.

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

Can you describe M Street Inferno in 3 words?

Kim: Seductive, Transformative, and Creative.

How will this party be different from other productions?

Kim: This will be a true club and party vibe, with amazing lighting effects and performances, but we are also focused on bringing a creative spin to a classic literary and Halloween theme. The transformation of The Rosewall will encompass what Halloween is all about: having fun and being creative. This production will completely move you to another world.

Kim Sawyer, Creative Producer

Kim Sawyer, Creative Producer

Kim: We have the most fun DJs In the city: Spice J, Keno, and Aydam, who all curated a special set list for the occasion. As always, we are taking a sexy, over-the-top, and innovative spin on Halloween.

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

For tickets visit: mstreetinferno.eventbrite.com.

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

From April Sun to May Fun

Although it’s hard to believe, May is right around the corner. Time sure flies when the sun comes out and the weather gets warmer. From outdoor activities to beach-themed parties, May is always an eventful time in Nashville. We’re here to share the top 5 events we are most looking forward to in May, and we’ve got a few up our sleeve that are happening right here on the block.

1. Cinco De Mayo, May 5th: Put on your sombreros and head over to Saint Anejo and The Rosewall on May 5. We’ll be bringing the outside in as The Rosewall transforms into a street fair with bright lights and summer decorations. Sip on margaritas and grab some bite-size Mexican snacks while socializing in The Rosewall or wandering over to Saint Anejo’s bustling patio.

2. VIVA HAVANA, May 7th: Imagine yourself lounging on a VIP cabana while sipping on a mojito in a brightly colored beach party inspired room. VIVA HAVANA will transport you to the vibrant lifestyle of Cuba. Latin DJ music accompanied by Cuban drumming percussion will surround the room while Chiquita dancers invigorate the party. Guests will dress to impress for this elevated Cuban party.

3. Steeplechase, May 14th: Grab your friends and a sunhat and get ready for a day of socializing and relaxing at Steeplechase. Start the morning off with tailgating at Percy Warner Park. Don’t forget to bring snacks and some Tennessee Whiskey to make those Honey Jack Juleps. Once the races start, head over to the Centerfield to take part in the action.

4. Bellissima! At The Frist, May 27th: The Frist’s luxurious Italian automobile exhibit will be both captivating and stimulating. Featuring 19 automobiles and 3 motorcycles, each car installment will tell a story of the Italian automotive Renaissance. This stylish and sensual exhibit might rival as our favorite Frist exhibit yet.

Source: 1954 Alfa Romeo BAT 7. The Blackhawk Collection. Image © 2016 Peter Harholdt @ Frist

Source: 1954 Alfa Romeo BAT 7. The Blackhawk Collection. Image © 2016 Peter Harholdt @Frist

5. Dylan Fest, May 23rd and 24th: Bob Dylan's music will come to life at The Ryman, Nashville's mother church, for a two-night concert event. Artists like Kacey Musgraves and Moon Taxi take the stage to perform their favorite Bob Dylan songs. No doubt that we'll find ourselves humming along to the familiar sounds of Bob Dylan's unparalleled hits as they vibrate throughout The Ryman.

Source: @Nashville Lifestyles

Source: @Nashville Lifestyles

From music to horses to a beach party, May will surely ignite all of our senses and turn our ordinary days into extraordinary days.

A New Spin on Nashville Brunch

When we think of the weekend, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is, “where will we have brunch?” There is no doubt that we are always craving waffles, pancakes, or eggs for brunch, but we are on a constant search for the next best brunch. This Saturday only, Virago will be hosting brunch on their highly celebrated rooftop patio, and we guarantee it will be nothing like you have experienced before.

Virago’s brunch will feature a special menu crafted by none other than Executive Chef Andrew Whitney. As a culinary artist, Chef Andrew used his creativity to design a next level brunch experience. We stopped by Virago’s kitchen to interview the mastermind behind this much-anticipated brunch event.

Chef Andrew Whitney

Chef Andrew Whitney

What can we expect from Virago brunch?

Chef: We’re not doing traditional brunch food for Virago brunch. We’re definitely going to focus on an everyday Japanese breakfast with a unique Southern twist.

 Where did the idea of Virago brunch come from?

Chef: A few of us were thinking of ways to excite the crowd and come up with something unique. We want to showcase a different side of Virago and brunch in Nashville.

 What type of brunch is this going to be?

Chef: This will definitely be a different style of dining. We’re going to have elevated service and elevated food on arguably the best patio in Nashville. Virago’s brunch will have the dining standards that we are known for.

What types of interesting ingredients are you using?

Chef: We will be serving our house-cured pork belly in lieu of bacon. We’re also doing a sweet breakfast cereal sushi roll. The wasabi pea granola will feature traditional ingredients like honey and nuts but with a wasabi pea kick.

The Berries and Tofu dish with wasabi peas.

The Berries and Tofu dish with wasabi peas.

What is your favorite dish being offered?

Chef: Hmmm…that’s a tough one. Either the Pork Belly Corndogs or the Bacon and Egg Mazemen. The Mazemen is like a ramen noodle dish with pickled eggs, tomato, and arugula.

The Bacon and Egg Mazemen.

The Bacon and Egg Mazemen.

What drink and food pairings would you suggest?

Chef: One of the drinks we will be offering is a red grapefruit mimosa. The mimosa would pair really nicely with our Bacon and Egg Handroll.

The Bacon and Egg Handroll.

The Bacon and Egg Handroll.

Where did your inspiration come from for these creative dishes?

Chef: I have just been playing around in the kitchen. My inspiration for the sweet breakfast cereal roll came from things I craved when I was younger. I wanted to somehow incorporate those tastes into an innovative high-end setting.

Chef Andrew will incorporate Fruity Pebbles into a sweet sushi roll.  Picture:  Chowhound

Chef Andrew will incorporate Fruity Pebbles into a sweet sushi roll.

Picture: Chowhound

Get a taste for yourself this Saturday at Virago's exclusive brunch on the patio. Reservations are required, so call (615) 254-1902 to book your spot before it fills up!