M Street is proud to be part of this ever-growing Nashville community. We believe that supporting other local businesses and charitable organizations is an essential part of how we define our success. These are just a few of the many great organizations we are proud to work with that make an impact on the local and national scale.


Donation & Sponsorship
Request Policy

M Street is dedicated to giving back to charitable and philanthropic causes that improve our society, and we are committed to doing so in a meaningful, intentional way. The volume of requests that we receive exceeds our resources, and thus we are unable to honor every request received. If you are a non-profit organization seeking a contribution, please refer to the following guidelines.

  • M Street does not provide cash donations. We are uniquely positioned to offer exclusive dining experiences, gift cards, and other services that can assist in your fundraising efforts

  • Submissions must be made one to two weeks in advance of event to ensure appropriate time for review and fulfillment

  • All requests are to be submitted through the form below

Decision Criteria

M Street will give preference to organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations

  • Organizations that specifically serve the Nashville community:

    • Specifically those that provide a "helping hand up" to members of our community in need, such as those coping with physical or mental abuse, hunger, homelessness, etc.

    • Those that strive to better our community through arts and education, leadership training, and vocational learning