local sourcing

We take pride in supporting our Nashville community with intentional sourcing of local products whenever possible. These are some of the Nashville neighbors we have the privilege to highlight on our menus.



Yazoo brewing company

A Nashville original since 2003, a variety of Yazoo’s flagship and seasonal beers can be found on all M Street menus.

Blackberry Farm Brewery

Born on a farm in the mountains of Maryville, Tennessee in 2011, Blackberry Farm can be found on craft beer lists at Kayne Prime and Tavern.

Love and Exile Wines

Born in Nashville “from the love of wine and the threat of exile,” Love & Exile Wines can be found on our wine lists at Tavern, Whiskey Kitchen and Virago.

Uncle Nearest Whiskey

Made with local ingredients from just down the road in Lynchburg, Tennessee, Uncle Nearest Whiskey can be found on our whiskey lists at Whiskey Kitchen and Kayne Prime.

Bearded Iris Brewery

Selections from Bearded Iris, a Nashville-born craft beer brewery, can be found on our beer lists at Kayne Prime, Moto, Whiskey Kitchen and Tavern.

Frothy Monkey Coffee

Frothy Monkey is one of the first coffeehouse concepts in Nashville and has been a staple in the community since 2004. Frothy Monkey Coffee can be found on all M Street menus.

Proper Saké

Proper Saké offers small-batch saké from Nashville’s Pie Town neighborhood. Proper Saké can be found on our sake list at Virago.

charpier’s bakery

Locally owned and family operated, Charpier’s has provided bread to Nashville's best eateries since 1986. Charpier’s products are free from any preservatives or artificial additives and is featured at Tavern and Whiskey Kitchen.

La Hacienda Tortilleria

A staple in the Nashville community, La Hacienda has grown from a local, family owned taco stand to multiple full-service restaurants and tortilleria providing Nashville with the freshest tortillas since 1992. La Hacienda’s quality tortillas (flour + corn) and chips can be found at Tavern, Saint Añejo and Whiskey Kitchen.

sustainability focused

M Street is committed to sourcing the highest-quality ingredients from partners and purveyors that are making an impact on the local and national level.

Mishima Reserve Wagyu

raised responsibly

Mishima Reserve is a network of family ranchers who nurture and protect the defining characteristics of the distinctive Kuroge Washu breed, following the Mishima Reserve Method. This breed, which is known as the "best of breed," is set apart from others by the abundance of intricate marbling throughout the meat as well as the texture, tenderness and density of the beef – all of which are inherently superior qualities of the Kuroge Washu.

To reduce their environmental impact, Mishima Reserve has partnered with Eden Projects to help reforest Madagascar, one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth, to positively offset their carbon emissions. Through this partnership, Mishima Reserve will reforest 600 acres, resulting in more than 2.5 million mangrove trees planted. In addition to offsetting their carbon footprint, this effort provides vital jobs for villagers and restores natural habitats for endangered species native to the region.

Mishima Reserve Wagyu can be found on the menus at Kayne Prime, Moto and Virago.

verlasso salmon 

sustainable aquaculture

Verlasso salmon flourish from the Capera Island found in the 11th region of Chile, Patagonia. This location, deep in the southern hemisphere, offers the perfect environment for sustainable aquaculture with its vast stretches of clean, cold, crystal-clear water and strong ocean currents. Verlasso has been known as a leader in the industry for more than a decade for their sustainable practices to reduce their environmental impact. The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program highlighted Verlasso as one of their “eco-friendly” fish on their “yellow list” – a first time ever for ocean-farmed salmon.

Verlasso’s hormone- and antibiotic-free salmon can be found exclusively on all M Street menus.

meyer natural foods

natural with no compromise

Founded in Montana over 25 years ago, Meyer Natural Foods prides itself on adhering to the highest standards of ranching – as nature intended. All Meyer products are raised without antibiotics or added hormones.

Meyer’s Bone-In Ribeye can be found on Kayne Prime’s menus.

springer mountain farms

responsibly raised, family owned

Springer Mountain Farms is nestled in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains with over 50 years of experience and dedication to certified humane raising of all their chickens. Springer Mountain Farms was the first brand of chicken in the world to be American Humane Certified, ensuring each chicken receives humane treatment and quality of life, and never receives any hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products within their feed.

Springer Mountain Farms can be found on the menus at Kayne Prime and Moto.